Dolphin Expressway toll road to go all electronic

All traffic will go through Sunpass lanes

Those who commute on the 836 will see things happening a little different. Gone are the cash lanes of the Dolphin Expressway near Marlins Park.

The change could startle drivers whose only option will be to go through the Sunpass lanes, even if you don't have one.

It's important for drivers to remember not to stop. Keep driving. All the traffic is going to be going through the Sunpass lane that have previously existed, so continue on your way. For those that don't have a Sunpass, its okay.

A toll-by-plate system will mail those without the pass a bill. And while the expressway authority did away with the administrative fee, it will still cost you more to use, but the rates will remain the same until the summer of 2014.

Currently at the 17th Avenue Causeway, it is $1 for Sunpass and $2 for toll-by-plate.

Come this time next year, all of the 836 will collect tolls electronically, even if you get off before the toll. It will cost roughly 70 cents at various parts along the expressway.

No longer will travelers have people weaving back and forth because they don't know whether they should take the Sunpass or if they have cash. It will eliminate those types of problems that can congestion.

It's expected cost an estimated $20 million to go all electronic.
Part of the cost includes an upgrade of the existing toll plaza which will have a new, sleeker design.

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