Driver: 'I believe I'm blessed'

Motorcycle flies off SR 84, hits car on I-95

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - The driver of a car called himself blessed after a motorcycle landed on his hood Monday afternoon while he was driving on Interstate 95, setting both vehicles ablaze.

Bret Krupnick was driving northbound when he saw a motorcycle flying through the air and headed straight at him.

"[It] just came into my field of view," he said. "[I] couldn't tell what it was at first, [it] seemed to be going kind of slow motion to me but nothing I could do. [It] landed right square in the middle of my hood."

When the motorcycle hit Krupnick's car, both burst into flames.

"The engine caught fire immediately," he added. "It was very fast. As soon as the bike hit, flames were already on the car's engine, so I knew the car was on fire and I was just trying to get out of it as fast as I could."

Krupnick said he pulled up next to the median and got out of his car.

"I slid out from under the seatbelt. Flames were coming up from under the car, got my arms, my eyelashes, and my lips slightly burned," he said.

Krupnick was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital and later released.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the motorcyclist was on the northbound exit ramp to State Road 84 and was attempting to head west when he hit the median, sending his vehicle into the northbound lanes of the interstate while he stayed on the ramp.

"Any fraction of a second difference in my speed or the trajectory of the bike and it would've been on my windshield, not my hood," said Krupnick. "I believe I'm blessed and God spared me."

The motorcyclist was taken to Broward Health in good condition.

I-95 northbound at S.R. 84 was shut down for several hours following the crash, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.

In February, the passenger of a box truck was killed when the vehicle crashed into the cement wall on the westbound ramp.

The Florida Department of Transportation blames the fatal crashes on speeding and a difficult-to-maneuver exit ramp.

"We've added signs, we've added rumble strips. We've made some adjustments to the signal display," said Mark Plass with FDOT. "What you got at the end of the rap is effectively a T-intersection, so you can go either to the left or to the right making a fairly sharp turn to do that."

Plass said FDOT plans on adding more rumble strips and moving signs to better warn people about driving too fast.

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