Eight ducklings rescued, reunited with their mother

Fire Rescue called after ducks fell down drain

COOPER CITY, Fla. - Broward Sheriff Firefighters rescued eight ducklings from a storm drain Wednesday.

Firefighters from station 28 were called after a woman saw a mother duck walking with nine ducklings over a drain on Flamingo Road, when eight of them fell through the drain.

The firefighters responded with nets, removing the grate and swiftly scooping up the ducklings.

The last two ducklings took firefighters 25 minutes to catch because they were swimming up and down the drainage pipe.

They eventually got the mother duck to make some noise in an attempt to coax the ducklings within reaching distance.

Finally, the last two paddled into reach of the firefighters, who netted them one by one and reunited them with their mother.

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