Firefighters, 3 women help rescue Labrador from canal

PINCREST, Fla. - A yellow Labrador was rescued Thursday after she was found panting, out of breath and exhausted in a canal.

"When we got there she looked really tired, and she had that look of desperation, like she wanted to get out," said one of the firefighters.

Firefighters said the believe the lab may have wandered away from her home and fell into a canal off 64th Avenue and 84th Street in Pinecrest. When they arrived they thought they could help the 90-pound dog out of the water, but they said it wasn't that simple.

"She was too heavy to help out and she was too tired. I was concerned that she might drown," the firefighter said.

So instead, three women coaxed the dog to a ledge and lifted her out.

"I held her there while other firefighters came to help us get her out and we put some straps around her and picked her up and pulled her out," one of the woman said. "Our motherly instincts kicked in and we were trying to save the dog."

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