You won’t believe what the most popular Halloween decoration in Florida is

Halloween decorations. (Courtesy of Nicole Lopez-Alvar)

It may average around 82 degrees in October in the Sunshine State, but that doesn’t mean spooky season isn’t alive and well (or, should we say, back from the dead?) in Florida.

Although many might assume hanging spider webs from palm trees would be Florida’s go-to Halloween decoration, it turns out Floridians love to decorate their homes with none other than this four-legged feline.

According to a new study by Lombardo Homes, Florida’s most popular Halloween decoration is the black cat.

The company reached this conclusion by analyzing over 1,000 Halloween decoration search terms on Google to discover the most popular Halloween decorations in each state. The company also polled 1,000 homeowners to better understand national trends in Halloween home decor.

The study found that the most popular Halloween decorations nationwide are the skeleton, pumpkin, spider, witch, and bat.

Interestingly enough, Floridians are also the only folks who like to decorate with a black cat, according to the study.

For the full study, click here.