North Miami hosts community cookout to honor local veterans

By Samantha Bryant - Reporter

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. - Millions of Americans around the country spent Sunday taking time to salute and cherish those who have served in the military for Veterans Day.

And on Monday, North Miami hosted a community cookout to honor local veterans.

"These are folks that are veterans. They risked their lives. Some of them, unfortunately, could not be here with us today because they passed away. But at least for the ones who are alive, we are seeing to it that we are building awareness," North Miami Mayor Dr. Smith Joseph said. 

The city of North Miami paid homage to local veterans at Griffing Park with a dedication service presented by the North Miami Police Department Honor Guard, North Miami Senior High School JROTC. There were also family fun events. 

The emcee at the event was veteran and former police chief of North Miami David Each, who took the time to remind the community the service of our troops never ends.

"We kind of forget that we are in 140 countries with 180,000 soldiers deployed, military people deployed, defending our nation and our way of life and freedom for other people," Each said. 

The community leader also highlighted the political and civil duties we owe our troops as a thank you. 

"As a veteran who fought in Vietnam and was wounded in Vietnam, I never want to forget those who came before us, who gave up their lives, who gave up their time and life, to preserve our beautiful democracy," Each said. 


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