Gov Scott wishes Floridians a Merry Christmas

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Florida Gov. Rick Scott wished all Floridians a Merry Christmas on Monday.

Scott's office released the following statement:

"Ann and I want to wish every Florida family a Merry Christmas.  As families come together and celebrate the birth of Jesus, it's a wonderful time for loved ones to reflect on life's many blessings.

While this will be our first Christmas without my mother Esther and Ann's parents, our entire family is blessed by our one-year old grandson, Auguste, who is expected to take his first steps any day now. 

In Florida, we have many achievements to celebrate this Christmas. More than 200,000 families have found employment since December 2010, our housing market is on the rise, we continue to make Florida the most business-friendly state in the nation, and our crime rate is at a 41 year low.

This Christmas, Ann and I will pray for a future where our communities are safe, every child has access to a quality education and every family has the opportunity to get a job to support their loved ones.  Florida is headed in the right direction and I have no doubt that the future is bright for the Sunshine State in 2013."

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