10-year-old boy raises funds, donates kayak for summer camp

Danny Jackson, law firm donate two kayaks to Shake-a-Leg

COCONUT GROVE, Fla. - A 10-year-old boy raised money for Shake-A-Leg Miami after learning the special needs camp had nine kayaks stolen.

Two weeks ago, the camp had the kayaks -- valued at $800 each -- stolen. Campers like Carla Herrera, who has cerebral palsy, used them for therapy.

"What it's done socially has made her come out of her shell," said Yolanda Herrera, Carla's mother. "More importantly, it built up her strength so she can get ready to go to work."

"I wasn't sure who could do such a thing," said Danny Jackson. "I decided that I would raise money for it."

Jackson's brother, Kevin, attends the camp. Jackson sold brownies and raised enough money to buy one kayak.

"It's just a wonderful place. These kayaks, everything is so amazing for the kids, so I thought they should still be able to keep that," he said.

Jackson's mother's law firm, Salazar Jackson, also matched his donation. They contributed another kayak to Shake-A-Leg.

If you want to donate to the special needs camp, you can go to shakealegmiami.org.

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