Innocent bystander killed in crossfire of police shootout identified

Richard Cutshaw sitting in his car as police, robbers exchange gunfire in Miramar

MIRAMAR, Fla. – Richard Cutshaw was killed while sitting in his vehicle as a UPS truck commandeered by two criminals was fired upon by at least 11 different police officers Thursday in Miramar.

Cutshaw, along with the two robbers and Frank Ordonez, the UPS driver who was taken hostage, were all shot and killed after a nearly 30-mile high-speed chase through Miami-Dade and Broward counties led to an intersection at Miramar Parkway, just east of Flamingo Road, during rush hour.

As one of the robbers driving the UPS truck stopped amid several commuters at the intersection, officers swarmed the vehicle and gunshots were exchanged.

Cutshaw, like Ordonez, were caught in the crossfire.

‘They murdered him:’ Family of UPS driver killed in shootout lashes out at police

“FBI came to my door last night,” neighbor Lincoln Hirvela told Local 10 News. “They asked if I knew next of kin. They didn’t tell me anything else."

A cellphone video from another witness appeared to capture Cutshaw’s black Lincoln Mercury.

“(Cutshaw) was that fourth victim shot, the bystander, that’s what I understood," Hirvela added. “Only this morning because a neighbor sent me a picture of his car and I thought, ‘Oh my God, I think that’s him.’”

Richard Cutshaw was more than just an innocent bystander in the Broward shooting yesterday. He was our Uncle Rick. He was family. We had just spent a few days with him over Thanksgiving break. He was excited to see Frozen 2 with our kids, which we did go to see. We had made plans to host him at our house for Christmas. Uncle Rick was always there for you if and when you needed him. Always greeting you with a big hug and a smile with a twinkle in his blue eyes. Rick would love to make you laugh! Always there with a one-liner and telling the same jokes over and over again! We will cherish the many memories we have made with him over the years. He will be greatly missed by our family.

Rick had a lifelong labor union career. He loved the labor movement and helping people. He is survived by a brother in Mt Dora, Fl; a sister in Longwood, FL; a sister and his mother 99 years old in PA; and a brother in Germany.

Vicki Parody, family friend

“Lovely guy. Just kind of quiet, lives alone, doesn’t come out much," Hirvela said.

Cutshaw was a union rep who lived in Pembroke Pines and is survived by five siblings, and his 99-year-old mother, along with friends and neighbors who said they will miss him dearly.

Local 10 News has learned Cutshaw was two years away from retirement.

It was not immediately clear who fired the shots that killed the UPS driver or Cutshaw.

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