Car crooks stealing hot wheels from driveways

Crooks have device to start up unlocked luxury vehicles

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Thieves are making a habit of walking up to people’s driveways and stealing luxury vehicles. A BMW was recently stolen in Davie and a Mercedes-Benz taken in Miami. The Mercedes’ owners saw the crooks take off in their car and ran out of their home to chase down the thieves. A Porsche snatched in Hollywood in November is still no where to be found.

A video camera captured the thieves taking Ross Seay’s Porsche SUV.

“I saw three people trying to open the car doors,” he told Local 10.

This happened outside of his home along Shoreline Way at 2:30 a.m. In the video, two men are seen jiggling the car’s locks before getting in and taking off.

“They had some type of device that looked like it started my car,” said Seay.

The Porsche’s owner says his car was unlocked, but he never imagined it would be able to be started up and stolen.

“People work hard for their stuff and you can’t just come by their homes and take it,” he said.

Police remind everyone to lock their vehicles.