Videos show ‘Stripper Bowl’ mess in Miami

Cardi B calls out thieves allegedly taking cash from strippers: ‘A lot of these girls are moms’

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MIAMI – Videos show there was a cash storm at Monday night’s Million Dollar Bowl in downtown Miami -- an event Canes’ Edgerrin James promoted as the “Stripper Bowl” -- but several strippers who were there claim they were underpaid.

Pierre “Pee” Thomas, who co-owns the Atlanta-based Quality Control Music label, released a statement Tuesday in his Instagram story saying the organizers didn’t have contracts with the strippers.

Thomas also said, “we don’t control or make the rules of how many girls dance, who split or payout," or “how much money [gets] stolen.”

To promote The Dome in downtown Miami, Edgerrin James showed off the cash he will be using for an event with exotic dancers after Super Bowl LIV. (Courtesy of Edgerrin James - Instagram)

Thomas alleged that “a lot of money was thrown between our camp." Cardi B, who was at the event, said she felt “obligated” to throw cash even though many of the dancers were just “standing there like [it was] a concert.”

(File Photo by Mark Von Holden/Invision/AP) (2020 Invision)

Cardi B, also known as Belcalis Almánzar, also had a message for those who allegedly stole cash that was meant to pay the strippers at the event.

“A lot of these girls are moms," the rapper and former stripper said in a video she posted on Instagram.

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