Police hope to reunite items from shuttered consignment store with rightful owners

420 East Consignment shut down after owner evicted by property owners

420 East Consignment in Wilton Manors was shuttered after the property owners evicted the business owner.
420 East Consignment in Wilton Manors was shuttered after the property owners evicted the business owner. (WPLG)

WILTON MANORS, Fla. – Many people are wondering where their items are from a consignment shop in Wilton Manors and whether they will ever see them again.

Local 10 News has learned some items are now in the hands of police and the owner has recently been arrested.

The business, 420 East Consignment, in Wilton Manors, is a spot that doesn’t sit well in the mind of some consignors.

Local 10 News first reported about the store back in 2018 when a consignor claimed she was owed over $1,000 and the owner was not paying up.

Owner Kara McCormick didn’t greet our cameras with open arms when we confronted her, asking us to leave and calling police.

While she did hand over a check to that consignor, it was a check the property owner didn’t receive that ended with McCormick getting evicted last fall.

Following the eviction, the property owners reported a break-in at the store.

When we went inside with our cameras, the building was still full of items.

Some people were wondering where McCormick went.

According to an arrest report, McCormick was arrested on accusations of trafficking meth in late December and allegedly beating up her boyfriend and knocking out several of his teeth.

The Local 10 newsroom has been flooded with calls from people trying to locate their items from 420 East Consignment.

Now we are learning those abandoned items have been turned over to the hands of the Wilton Manors Police Department after they located a U-Haul, which was never returned by McCormick.

“They do need to provide some sort of proof that they have consigned there or a receipt of an item, a description of the item -- pictures would be very helpful,” Wilton Manors police Detective Bonnie Owens said.

The police department says they want to return the items to the rightful owners.

“If after 30 days the items are not reunited with them, we are going to be donating them,” Owens said.

Police are asking for proper identification of your items if you believe they could be among the items collected.

If you have further questions, you may give police a call.