Video shows woman with child in stroller apparently stealing from Fort Lauderdale home

Fort Lauderdale resident fears for safety of child seen in stroller

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – After watching the surveillance video, the victim of a theft in Fort Lauderdale said she is haunted by the images of what she believes is a desperate woman with a child at risk.

Salema Rennie said that when Amazon delivered a package on Wednesday, she received a text message with a picture that confirmed the delivery to her home. When she got home from work, she asked her son about it.

“I said, ‘Rob, where’s my package? He said, ‘What package mom?’” Rennie said.

It was gone.

Salema Rennie said she's concerned for the baby in the stroller. (WPLG)

Rennie thinks the woman resorted to stealing out of desperation. She said her home’s surveillance camera shows the woman walking up to her driveway and toward the porch where the package was supposed to be in Fort Lauderdale’s Melrose Park neighborhood.

“We don’t know what she’s in, what kind of problem or situation,” Rennie said, adding that she fears the child could end up in foster care and suffer.

Rennie said that although she was worried about the package, which contained a blouse, she feels upset at the woman for putting the child at risk.

One of Rennie’s neighbors recognized the woman and said she had been begging for money.

Rennie wants the woman and the child to get the help they need. Anyone with information is urged to call the Fort Lauderdale Police Department at 954-282-5700.

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