3 vehicles set on fire outside Lauderhill home

Same vehicles targeted in January

LAUDERHILL, Fla. – An arson investigation is underway after at least three vehicles were set on fire in Lauderhill.

It happened Friday morning along Northwest 14th Street.

A resident told Local 10 News that a neighbor alerted her to the fire, so they rushed outside to put out the flames before it spread.

“We were just all running around patting and trying to get the fires out, throwing water. It was real scary,” Sharia Wilson said. “Everything was flamed up, everybody running around trying to put the fires out.”

Just a month ago, the same vehicles were targeted.

“The first time they came it was two vehicles that was caught on fire, and five days later, the back of our roof was on fire,” Wilson said.

Police are searching for the person responsible.

“Every time they come, we are sleeping,” Wilson said. “(We’re) in here sleeping and they setting our stuff on fire.”

A Ring camera captured one of the previous times this happened.

Flames tore away at several vehicles.

In 2019, a neighbor was also targeted at least three times.

“It’s very annoying, scary also because we’ve got kids in the house,” Wilson said.

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