Almost everyone in Hialeah will receive a coronavirus stimulus check. In Fort Lauderdale, not so much.

Food items being delivered to senior housing facility in Hialeah. The city has the highest percentage of people who will receive COVID-19 stimulus checks. (WPLG)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The COVID-19 stimulus package will send $2 trillion to Americans, but not everyone will receive money.

Based on how much you — or your family — earns, some will receive the full distribution, some will receive less and some will receive nothing.

The personal finance technology company SmartAsset pulled Census Bureau data to see which cities have the highest percentage of people who will receive money.

Hialeah ranked No. 1.

According to the study, 98.11% of people in Hialeah will receive a check and 95.95% of households will receive the full benefit. It’s the only Florida city in the top-25 of that list nationally.

On the other side of the coin, Fort Lauderdale has the lowest percentage of residents who will receive a stimulus check among Florida cities. According to SmartAsset, 79.64% of people in Broward County’s largest city will receive a check, and only 72.62% will get the full distribution. That’s ranks 22nd lowest nationally.

The stimulus package calls for individuals with an adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less are to receive the full $1,200 distribution. The benefit reduces the more you make, up to $99,000, at which point an individual wouldn’t receive anything.

A full benefit of $2,400 goes to married couples without children earning a combined amount of less than $150,000, and a reduced benefit would phase out at a combined $198,000. There is an additional $500 payment per child.

SmartAsset says that 80.48% of households nationally would receive the full benefit, and 89.02% would receive some amount.

See the full study’s findings here.


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