Thief in transit worker’s uniform steals booze in broad daylight

MIAMI, Fla. – A woman wearing what appears to be a Miami-Dade transit worker's uniform has been caught on surveillance video at two different liquor stores stuffing bottles inside her clothing and walking out of the store without paying.

At Jenson’s Liquors on N.W. 17th Ave. in Miami, the owner says the woman has stolen from their store twice. He says this is frustrating because businesses are already hurting because of the coronavirus crisis. He says this is the time people should be coming together and not working against one another.

On Tuesday, the woman walked into Liquor Time on East 49th Street in Hialeah, hid a bottle in her clothes and walked out. On Wednesday, the same woman came back with a man who distracted the clerk while she walked out with more bottles. Surveillance video then showed the pair driving off. The store was hit again when a car ran into the building causing bottles to come crashing down from the shelves.

On Wednesday, surveillance video caught the woman again, dressed in the same transit uniform at Jenson’s, stuffing two bottles into her pants, then she walked out.

Natalia Ferero, a clerk at Jenson’s, said it is a problem. “For me, for the customer, for everyone, it’s crazy.”

The liquor of choice for this thief, the clerk said, is a bottle of gin and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. The store clerk at Jenson’s said on Wednesday the woman told her she was going outside to get her credit card but never came back

Local 10 has reached out to Hialeah and Miami-Dade police to see if they believe the incidents are related.

Local 10 has also learned that another liquor store may have been struck by the same thief.

If you have any information that can help police, contact Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

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