Miami Gardens ‘Work’ video shows customers, shop, salon owners do’s, don’ts

Barbershops, beauty and nail salons reopen Wednesday with coronavirus precautions in place

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Miami Gardens’ barber shop, beauty and nail salons owners were given the go ahead to open Wednesday, but there are precautions that must be in place, from temperature checks to constant disinfecting.

The city has produced a video that instructs both customers and those employed in the industry on the do’s and don’ts.

With the soundtrack of Snappy Jit’s “We Go To Work” underneath, Gilbert introduces the purpose of the video. Different scenarios go through a show and tell to advise what customers should be prepared for, and what is expected of businesses.

(see city’s video below)

Gilbert said city officials went out this week to businesses dropping off compliance rules.

The mayor is adamant about taking the time necessary to reopen the city.

“This affects communities of color, black people, in a disproportionately high and disproportionately dangerous way and this is the largest African-American—predominantly African-American city in the state of Florida — 79% of the residents of this city are black, so that’s not radicalizing, that’s just dealing with the facts and the evidence. That drives our decision because we understand that if it caught a foothold in Miami Gardens, it would be substantially more dangerous for us than it would be for other cities," Gilbert said.

The video opens with customers arriving at Topp Cuttaz on NW 27th Avenue, which was used as the scene for the video. One by one, two customers come through the front door without masks. An attendant instructs them that they are not able to enter without a facial covering. The customers return wearing masks and get the OK.

The attendant then instructs them to use hand sanitizer at the sanitizing station and checks their temperatures.

Inside Topp Cuttaz, partitions have also between installed between each barber shop customer chair to make sure social distance is maintained.

While Miami, Miami Beach and Hialeah opened restaurants on Wednesday, the mayor of Miami Gardens said the city is targeting June 1. He stated, however, that statistics of coronavirus infections will guide the openings of those types of establishments as well as entertainment venues and large church gatherings.

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