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Conservative groups rally in Miami Lakes to have their voices heard

MIAMI LAKES, Fla. – Honks, waves, and plenty of red, white and blue were visible as dozens of Republican supporters of President Donald Trump gathered outside a Miami Lakes shopping center Sunday for a rally to have their voices heard and to mark Trump’s 74th birthday.

Some of those attending the rally were not too happy to see our news cameras, but others were eager to share their views.

One of the big goals of the demonstrators was to show their views on anti-socialism and anti-communism. They also feel that they are the silent majority, but one man said it is time for that majority to speak up.

"I lived in Communism and I know we are looking at two distinct choices," Ada Fennell of the Federated Republic Women of North Dade, said.

There were several local conservative groups that came together for Sunday's rally. The cofounder of Cubans4Trump and his wife said they strongly support police officers.

"The first thing that should happen before we reform police is to reform the home," Ariel Martinez, co-founder of Cubans4Trump said.

Maria Martinez agreed that what happened to George Floyd at the hands of police was "terrible and horrific. We want justice but we can't put every police officer in that category," she said.

Laverne Spicer is a former Democrat who has lived in South Florida for at least two decades. She is running for the U.S. House to represent Florida’s 24th Congressional district. Spicer believes the president is blamed unfairly for problems among the black community.

"The truth is that the black community has over 50 years of problems that have taken place. It’s not all his fault."

Arthur Spicer said "They're turning it into a black and white thing. It's not; it's just a right thing."

Miami-Dade police were at the rally for its duration. There were some who showed up during the rally to voice their opposing views from the conservative demonstrators.

It resulted in a small, verbal confrontation between both sides. Police stepped in and told the opposition group to move across the street and stay a safe distance from the group who had set up the protest.

Trump supporters were also celebrating the president’s birthday in Broward County, where we saw boats sailing by waving Trump flags near Fort Lauderdale.

About the Author:

Liane Morejon is an Emmy-winning reporter who joined the Local 10 News family in January 2010. Born and raised in Coral Gables, Liane has a unique perspective on covering news in her own backyard.