Black-owned Miami businesses (including one by Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul) open on Juneteenth

MIAMI – The Shop in Pop Up Shop is a black-owned business offering 3,000 square feet of retail space right on the steps of Miami’s Wynwood Walls.

Its co-founders include basketball stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul.

And it’s one of a couple of black-owned businesses opening in the area on Juneteenth.

Down the road in Overtown, The Creamery by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson is also opening Friday.

The Creamery is part of Red Rooster — which has yet to open due to the pandemic — but expectations are high because of the chef’s success and popularity at a location in Harlem.

The Creamery will feature ice cream, of course, but also will serve some of the food delicacies Red Rooster will offer, just to give people a sneak peek of what will be on the menu there.

Co-owner Derek Fleming spoke about the significance of opening this spot on Juneteenth.

“I think in the current social-political climate it’s important for the African American experience to gain its relevancy amidst the rest of the culture,” he said. “And we’re just one small voice in that, but we want people to be mindful of that.”


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