Coronavirus in Florida: Residents still having issues dealing with state unemployment system

MIAMI – Floridians who are out of work still seem to be having problems with the state's unemployment filing system. 

Some, who are frustrated with the website and call center, say they can't even get a question through. 

A South Florida resident named Dani is among the thousands in the state that are out of work because of COVID-19. Her position was among the many jobs cut by the cruise line she worked for back in April. 

She had to move back home with her parents and applied for unemployment benefits in May. 

“I think the system is set up to be confusing,” she said. :But I don’t know if it’s set up to be confusing or if it’s just really that broken.”

She hoped the issues plaguing the overloaded system from a few months ago had been worked out. 

When Local 10 News spoke to Dani, she had received just two weeks of payments, stuck because the state websites processing claims incorrectly erased her previous job information. 

"When the information was transferred to reemployment assistance program to the connect system a lot of the information got lost," she explained. 

For example, page one incorrectly shows she was not impacted by COVID-19. The application also shows her highest level of education as third grade. 

“It shows that my previous occupation was a front-line manager. I don’t even know what that means,” she said.  

A call to reach an agent for help starts with a three minute menu process, only to end up receiving a message thanking you "for your patience during this time of high call volume" before the call hangs up. 

All of this she said has delayed her payments, taking up time she says could be spent looking for work. 

“It’s salt in the wound really,” said Dani. 

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