Miami police search for man accused of striking officer with skateboard during protest

Miami police say this man attacked a police officer with his skateboard at a protest on June 10.
Miami police say this man attacked a police officer with his skateboard at a protest on June 10. (Miami Police Department)

MIAMI – Miami police are searching for a man who they said attacked an officer last month during a protest against racial injustice near Bayfront Park in downtown Miami.

According to Officer Kiara Delva, who is a spokeswoman for the Police Department, an officer was arresting another subject during the June 10 protest on Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast Fourth Street when a man ran up to the officer while he was on the ground and struck him in the head with a skateboard.

He then fled the scene, Delva said.

According to Delva, the officer suffered head pains following the incident.

Seven people were arrested that same night, some of whom authorities said assaulted officers while they were trying to arrest several people for vandalizing Christopher Columbus and Juan Ponce De Leon statues that are located outside Bayside Marketplace.

Authorities said a police vehicle was also damaged during the protest.

Officer Michael Vega told Local 10 News last month that three people were wanted for the vandalism.

“We gave the order, officers went in, arrested these three people. However, the crowd then turned on us,” Vega said.

In addition to the man with the skateboard, police said they are also searching for another man who is also accused of attacking a police officer during the same protest.

Miami police say this man attacked a police officer during a June 10 protest. (Miami Police Department)

The Miami Police Department released a statement after the protest, saying they supported “peaceful protests but there will be zero tolerance for those who hide behind the peaceful protesters to incite riots, damage property and hurt members of the public or our officers.”

Anyone with information about the identity of the man accused of assaulting an officer with a skateboard is asked to call Detective P. Chery at 305-603-6415. Information can also be emailed to

Anyone with information about the second man’s identity is asked to contact Detective W. Toussaint at 305-603-6415 or email

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