After Local 10 story airs, police officer with COVID-19 gets needed plasma

Department put on birthday parade for son of hospitalized officer

KENDALL, Fla. – On Sunday, Local 10 reported that Homestead police officer Doug Anderson was in need of plasma to fight off the novel coronavirus. Soon after the story aired, Local 10 received word that there had been a donor found for the officer.

So, his son Jacob’s 12th birthday was doubly special.

To celebrate the boy’s birthday, fellow officers responded by doing something special for the Anderson family.

Dozens of Homestead PD officers put on a birthday parade for Jacob.

“Officer Anderson is very well known, we are here to support him and his family, which is extremely important.,” said Homestead Police Sgt. Fernando Morales.

Both Anderson and his wife tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Fortunately for the family, his wife is able to fight the virus while remaining at their home.

Neighbors have been dropping off food and helping out where they can.

While its a tough time for Jacob and his family, his father’s colleagues want him to know they will always be there for him.

“We want his son to know that when his father is not here, whether he’s working, whether he’s in the hospital, he has an extended family with the Homestead PD. We are here for them,” Morales said.

People who have fully recovered have antibodies in their plasma that can attack the virus and can be used as a treatment for those infected.

“In this particular case, the blood plasma will go to help Officer Anderson recover and help treat his condition at this point,” said Morales.

To be a plasma donor, call One Blood at 888-936-6283.

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