Coronavirus: Broward sees positive signs, but flu season will add another element

Doctors warn that the upcoming flu season will add another crunch and they hope that people remain vigilant to keep the COVID-19 numbers trending in the right direction.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Broward County is seeing some signs of progress in its battle against COVID-19. Fewer patients coming into the hospitals, but still a steady stream.

“We’ve experienced continued people coming into the hospital to be admitted, but the vast majority of people that we’re seeing now are a little bit different than we saw in March or April,” said Dr. Joshua Lenchus, Chief Medical Officer for Broward Health Medical Center.

The patients are younger, says Lenchus, who believes this time frame is crucial.

The health system now has just under 200 COVID-19 patients. Lenchus says what we’re doing is finally working, but another wave is very possible.

“Now as we start entering flu season in the next couple of months it’s even more important to continue to do what people are doing right now,” Lenchus said of the protective measures.

It comes as Broward County’s curfew expires and businesses try to do everything they can to keep people safe and try to keep those numbers down.

The county commission is set to meet Tuesday and may discuss whether to extend the curfew.

“Nobody really thought five months ago that we’d still be standing here talking about a surge or another wave,” said Cheryl Wild, Chief Nursing Officer of Broward Health.

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