Investigation continues into deadly dog attack in Margate

MARGATE, Fla. – An investigation continues after a deadly dog attack over the weekend in Margate.

Cleaning crews have come and gone, with heartbroken neighbors shocked to learn of the victim’s death.

84-year old Carolyn Varanese was killed by a dog that a family friend called very calm.

“It wasn’t so aggressive,” said Jimmy, a friend of the victim and her son. “It doesn’t make no sense to me.”

Jimmy said the dog was new to the family and that the attack happened suddenly, as Joseph Varanese was helping his wheelchair bound mother inside the home.

Carolyn died from her injuries despite the efforts of her son to save her.

Joseph survived the attack but was rushed to the hospital with some pretty bad injuries.

“His eye is all messed up. His nose is messed up,” Jimmy said.

According to Jimmy, the dog is a Pitbull and he can’t understand what happened, adding that it had been friendly with the elderly woman, even sleeping in her bed.

Joseph adopted the animal just a few weeks ago, Jimmy said.

Broward County Animal Control is holding onto the dog for now.

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