Development plan for part of Emerald Hills golf course has some residents pushing back

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Neighbors of the Emerald Hills golf course in Hollywood are not happy about a developer’s plans to build apartments and homes on the links.

The wide-open green space on the golf course at Emerald Hills has been Sandra Snow’s balcony view for 35 years.

“It’s peaceful, its quiet,” she said.

But a big change is on the horizon, if developers have their way.

The 167 acres of land, still in use today, could soon be home to more than 400 luxury apartment rentals, dozens of townhomes and golf villas.

“We’re going to have 800, almost a thousand more cars on the street,” said Snow. “The housing is already crowded here.”

The land would need to be re-zoned for residential use in order for the project to take shape, which some neighbors are fighting.

“They want to put four five story condos in of rentals, two right in front of us, two right in the back of us,” said condo board president Murray Durst. “To me, that’s crazy. You’re affecting the view, which is very important.”

But supporters of the $100 million investment cite an ongoing struggle to maintain the putting green and facilities.

“That’s where two of the buildings are going,” said developer Mickey Taillard. “Golf is not as popular as it used to be.”

Taillard is one of two developers who happen to live along the golf course.

“Some people think that we’re coming in killing and hurting the golf course, giving up green space where the whole idea is to keep the green space. We’re taking up about 10 percent of the golf course,” he said.

Tennis courts, a resort swimming pool and an indoor fitness center would be part of the new Club at Emerald Hills to replace the sprawling, aging 51-year-old greenspace.

“It’s not right for the people that live here,” said Durst.

Added Snow: “It should stay exactly as it is.”

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