Attention animal lovers: Stray dog ‘Rocky’ needs support after getting shot, hit by a car

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Paola Jordan said a stray dog was so traumatized that he would not look at her.

Rocky was the victim of a shooter and likely a careless driver. Jordan said neighbors heard the shots and found Rocky yelping.

“He was so broken and in so much pain, he was panting and crying,” Jordan said, adding “people can be very cruel.”

Stray dog Rocky needs surgery to recover after a shooting.
Stray dog Rocky needs surgery to recover after a shooting. (Local 10 News)

Jordan took Rocky to Paula Ferreira, a veterinarian in Miami-Dade County. Ferreira said the injuries were badly infected and there is a need for surgery to save the wounded leg that still has bullet fragments and shattered bone.

“We had to immediately give him sedation and pain medicine to be able to work with him,” Ferreira said.

Both Jordan and Ferreira are asking animal lovers in the community to help them support Rocky’s recovery.

How to help

For more information about how to help Rocky, call 786-275-4629 or e-mail miamivets@gmail.com. To donate on Paypal visit http://paypal.me/noahsrescue. To donate on CashApp find $ferreiraah.

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