Miami-Dade mayoral candidates busy speaking to voters as Election Day nears

MIAMI – The candidates in the race to be the next mayor of Miami-Dade County were out and about on Monday, making sure voters can place their faces with their names.

Republican mayoral candidate Steve Bovo was out early, as was Democratic opponent Daniella Levine Cava.

Bovo held an event in Doral with Venezuelan supporters while Cava made several stops, including a polling location in Miami’s Shenandoah neighborhood.

Both candidates urged voters to head to the polls and make their voice count.

“Our health is on the ballot, our economy is on the ballot, our future is on the ballot,” said Cava.

“We’ve just gotta get people out to vote,” said Bovo. “We know there’s enthusiasm.”

Both spent the morning speaking to voters, focusing their message on the ripple effects of the pandemic.

“It’s making sure we have a plan to open up our businesses as quickly as possible,” Bovo said. “Not let some medical expert decide who can open and who can’t open.”

“The world is on fire,” said Cava. “COVID has created upheaval for our health and for our economy, and we need people that are going to address both and not pretend that this virus has gone away.”

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