Pembroke Pines neighborhood finally getting mail after weeks of confusion

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – For weeks, about 300 households in one Pembroke Pines neighborhood suddenly stopped getting mail – no bills, no checks and no election ballots.

We first told you about this issue on Local 10 on Tuesday when neighbors in the Honeywoods subdivision told us they weren’t getting their mail after the postal service decided the community mailboxes were in such bad condition, they couldn’t securely deliver mail.

The trouble was that no one notified the residents.

One by one they told us their stories: “I just refinanced my house and I’m waiting for my check.”

Another said: “I registered for a mail-order ballot. I never got it.”

On Thursday morning, it was a welcome sight as the postal service put up temporary boxes after weeks of confusion.

Before Thursday, it wasn’t easy. The only information they received about the mail stoppage was a notice from their homeowners' association telling them to go to the local branch to get their mail.

Then residents told Local 10 it would be about an hour wait while postal clerks searched for the mail, not to mention long lines.

After we reached out, the post office took action, bringing in temporary boxes and repairing those that could still be used.

The temporary boxes will work for now. The installation of permanent boxes is still several weeks away.

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