Father grieves son killed in shooting ambush in Little Haiti

An ambush-style shooting is caught on camera in Little Haiti. (WPLG)

MIAMI, Fla. – An ambush is caught on camera in Little Haiti as a white Chevrolet Suburban pulls out and the driver starts shooting. The surveillance video shows that he wasn’t the only one in the car as several others get out and start firing.

Kerry Jacques is left in the street to die.

Fricot Jacques said his 33-year-old son was killed Thursday night. "I hear the shot, then I get outside, I see him lay on the ground "

The father said Kerry lived next door and he doesn’t know what is son was doing outside.

The shooting happening just behind the well-known Churchill’s Pub in Little Haiti.

Miami police officers taped off several streets surrounding Northeast 56th Street and Second Court as dozens of evidence markers were scattered in a wide area.

Police K9s sniffed the ground for evidence that may have been left behind. But, investigators might already have what they need, which is the surveillance video that shows the violent crime and the people behind the murder.

“I hope he get caught ... I hope,” said the grieving father.