Home invasion is latest incident in Davie neighborhood where complaints pile up

Short-term rentals have brought long-term headaches, resident says

DAVIE, Fla. – Most people would be shocked if there was a home invasion robbery in their neighborhood.

But not here.

Residents say a couple of homes in this Davie neighborhood have been nothing but a headache. They’re short-term rentals with constant turnover.

The latest incident: A home invasion robbery in the wee hours Wednesday morning.

Karen Stenzel-Nowicki, who lives across from the houses in the 5400 block of SW 55th Avenue, was asked if she was surprised to hear that news.

“No. We were waiting for a murder,” she said. That is how bad it is.”

Police say three armed men tied up a woman inside that home, stealing jewelry, electronics and the victim’s dog.

Stenzel-Nowicki says the next-door short-term rentals have ruined this once-quiet neighborhood.

“Wild parties. We have cars come racing up and down at all hours,” she said. “They go in and out of their cars every 20 minutes. At 2 and 3 in the morning. Yelling, screaming, screeching wheels.

According to records, the homes are owned by limited liability companies.

Albert Wahba and his brother Moshe own them.

Stenzel-Nowicki recently testified against the brothers.

She said they had to go before a special magistrate for violating the governor’s order not to rent out short-term during the earlier days of the coronavirus pandemic.

“After they were cited $250 instead of $500, they turned around and laughed as they walked out, and that’s been our experience with them,” Stenzel-Nowicki said.

The brothers face even more nuisance violations at a hearing Monday.

According to a Davie town administrator, state law allows short-term vacation rentals, and they treat this house like any other. If there is a code violation, they will cite the owners, as they have been.

If residents want things changed, they have to lobby their state legislator.

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