11 people inside home as car drives by and bullets start flying

MIAMI, Fla. – Henri Villagran said 11 people were in the house that he has lived in since the 1970s when the bullets started flying Tuesday night.

He said he’s never had anything like this happen in four decades in the place that was his father’s home and is now his.

On Wednesday, he was still finding plenty of bullet holes throughout the Allapattah home in the 700 block of Northwest 34th Street.

“My daughter was having dinner right here,” Villagran said as he pointed to a hole not far from a dining room chair.

At least one of the bullets went through the front window, missing pet birds in a cage by inches. People inside the home, including children, ages 3 to 14, scrambled for cover.

“My wife came running into the room saying, ‘Someone is shooting.’ And we had the kids, and everyone was screaming and running away from the bullets,” Villagran said.

Adding to the terrifying moments, one of the children, an 11-year-old boy, was playing in front of the house.

“He saw a car passing by and it started to shoot. So, what he described was like, “I can see the fire from the window.’ He was scared,” Villagran said.

Miami police were at the scene collecting evidence until 4 a.m. Detectives returned Wednesday afternoon to take a look at video from a neighbor’s home. It might show the one visual of what is described as a black car that may have been responsible for leaving behind a barrage of bullets and a very frightened family.

The investigation is preliminary, but police are looking into a case of mistaken identity and that the Villagran house was not the intended target.

There were no reported injuries.

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