Large crowd comes out for Opa-locka grocery gift card giveaway

OPA-LOCKA, Fla. – South Floridians lined up in Opa-locka on Wednesday to receive a grocery gift card.

The line wrapped around the block for the Sherbondy Park giveaway, and the people standing in line revealed their struggles.

“I appreciate what they’re doing for us and we need the groceries and we need the money for the children,” said Deborah Gardener.

This was the latest site in Miami-Dade County to disperse 250 grocery store gift cards valued at up to $500, thanks to money the county received from the Federal Cares Act for pandemic relief aid.

A similar handout happened at the park last month, and people who did not receive one that day qualified for a $500 gift card on Wednesday.

“We have some people who have been here since last night,” said Lt. Nikeya Jenkins with the Opa-locka Police Department.

Officers were on hand to ensure order among the crowd, some of whom brought their own chairs.

It was a smooth process on the inside and safety was as best as it could get under the pandemic circumstances.

“We understand that and they’re definitely trying their best and we’re encouraging everyone to wear a mask, but before they enter inside of the building we are definitely checking everyone’s temperature to make sure everyone is safe,” said Lt. Jenkins.

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