WATCH: Drivers do donuts in middle of busy Miami Beach intersection

Traffic jams, spectators whistling, some residents say “show” lasted 30 minutes

Residents were wondering what took police so long to arrive to the scene where drivers doing donuts and causing disruptions in South Beach.

A more than 11-minute video captures cars doing donuts just before midnight at a busy intersection in South Beach on Friday.

It’s now the talk of the town.

(Watch above the more than 11-minute video shot from a high-rise condo on South Beach)

In the video, a group stands in the middle of the intersection as a car circles around them, wheels screeching not far from the iconic Joe’s Stone Crab on Washington Avenue.

Traffic is blocked and, at one point, when the action stops momentarily, some cars try to get through.

Others on the ground near the daredevils cheer, whistle and take video of the action as more donut-wheeling cars join in. About 10 minutes into the video, the crowd can be seen running in different directions as the Miami Beach police try to make their way through what’s turned into a major traffic jam.

The action is over — skidmarks left in the aftermath.

Local 10 reached out to Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez who said that MPBD is monitoring the actions of what they believe is a “car club,” which arranges reckless driving events throughout Miami-Dade County.

Rodriguez said over a dozen arrests were made and traffic citations issued on a “very busy night in Miami Beach.”

In the middle of July, Miami Beach PD captured video of a wild donut driver at the same intersection.

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