Man angry about dirty car attacks 2 with machete, police say

CUTLER BAY, Fla. – A Miami man has been charged with attempted murder and armed assault after reportedly getting angry after he accused another man of getting his vehicle dirty, then demanding he clean it.

When the person refused, Miami Police said Yosmel Galan, 32, returned armed with a machete.

The events, according to police began on Tuesday, Feb. 9, around 9:54 a.m., when Galan, reportedly went to a business adjoining the one where he worked to confront another person about getting his car dirty. He then told the person to clean it, but the victim refused. It was then, police say, Galan left.

According to the report, Galan returned 30 minutes later and entered through a door to the business, which is not open to the public and only for employees.

The report said that as he entered the business, two victims had their backs to Galan. It is then when Galan hit them multiple times with the machete about their heads and necks. As witnesses yelled for Galan to stop, police said he fled the scene, leaving the machete behind.

Both victims were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital where one person had an injury to his right eye and left side of his neck. The report said the man’s eye was swollen shut and his neck was swollen.

The other victim suffered a head laceration, which required six staples to close, according to the report.

Galan was arrested on Tuesday.

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