Broward mayor: All residents who want vaccines could have them by late June

County ready to shut down businesses that don’t follow rules during spring break

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Broward Mayor Steve Geller gave an update on vaccines and spring break Thursday, saying that all senior citizens who want shots will have them soon — and that the county will be strict when it comes to its safety rules as out-of-towners visit.

As for COVID-19 vaccines, Geller said every resident 65 or older in the county who wants the shots should be able to get them in a matter of weeks.

“I expect within the next few weeks, 2-4 weeks, we’ll have vaccinated every senior,” he said.

The good news, he says, is that younger people who want the vaccine will be able to get it soon.

“Everybody in Broward County that wants a vaccine should be able to receive one within the next approximately four months, meaning approximately mid to late June,” Geller said.

The bad news, he predicts, is that demand for the vaccine may decrease, with many people declining to take the shots.

“I predict that by sometime in May instead of having too many people and not enough vaccine, we’ll have more vaccine available that we will have people to take them,” the mayor said.

Reiterating what he has said before, Geller expressed that this year’s spring break will not look like years past in Broward.

“The days of the wet T-shirt contest and the beer bongs are long behind us,” he said.

He warned that officials are ready to enforce shutdown orders on businesses not following COVID-19 safety protocols.

“I am still appalled at the many times I need to keep reminding people that we are in the middle of a pandemic,” Geller said.

That said, the Mayor says he does not see a need for a county curfew, although the mayors across the county had previously discussed being prepared to implement one if needed.

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