Yorkie Terrier named Rosie goes on mysterious journey from Broward to Tallahassee

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – It’s unclear how a Yorkie Terrier named Rosie traveled from Broward County to Tallahassee, but after nine months of being away from home, identification technology helped to make a happy reunion happen.

Monsi Bermudez said that after Rosie vanished from her home in Pembroke Pines she distributed flyers and put up a banner outside of her house. Months went by and no one responded.

“There were a lot of sleepless nights,” Bermudez said.

Finally, on Tuesday, the staff at the Tallahassee Animal Service Center contacted Bermudez to tell her Rosie was in their care.

“I get a call and I wasn’t going to pick it up because it said Tallahassee on it, and they are like, ‘This is Tallahassee animal services.’ They said just those three words and my heart stopped,” Bermudez said.

A city employee told her a woman reported finding Rosie roaming the streets of Tallahassee alone, and she decided to drop her off at the animal service center. Her decision to implant a microchip registration in Rosie made the reunion possible.

Bermudez flew out to Tallahassee the next day. She said Rosie was four pounds underweight and she is in treatment, but her veterinarian said she will be in top shape soon.

“Thank goodness, she was microchipped,” Bermudez said, adding she had a message for other dog owners who have been procrastinating. “Don’t delay! Don’t delay!”

For information about how to get the microchip implant in Miami-Dade County, visit this page. For information about how to do so in Broward County, visit this page.

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