Neighbor tells harrowing story of southwest Miami-Dade shooting

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – A southwest Miami-Dade woman told Local 10 News about how she and her husband helped a man who had been shot by his grandson.

It all happened Saturday morning when a man, later identified as 19-year-old Ruben Warren Williams, went on a shooting rampage, according to police.

In surveillance video, you can see the man limping. He had jumped from a second-story window, breaking his ankles. Police said Williams had shot him in the back.

He managed to make it to Lisa Pelaez’s doorstep.

“Around 11 something, we heard this really loud pound on the door. My husband’s like, ‘What is that?’” she said. “He said, ‘I’ve been shot. My grandson shot me. He’s shooting everybody.’”

Shortly before the man showed up at the Pelaez’s door, police said Williams shot his grandfather, his aunt and his cousin.

“We first got him to sit down because he said, ‘My leg’s broke. I jumped out of the window.’ So, we ran and got a chair and we had him sit down and then my husband went to the pantry closet to grab an old towel and we put in on his back and it really helped the bleeding,” Pelaez said.

On surveillance video, you can hear the man say, “He’s shooting all through the house.” Then Pelaez asks if Williams is still in the house.

Williams’ alleged rampage ended up with his cousin, 27-year-old Carlton Tillman, being killed. Police said Williams also shot and injured a neighbor’s barking dog and carjacked a woman, stole her wedding ring and cellphone, and made her drive him around for several hours.

Police caught up with him Saturday night. Williams faces several charges, including second-degree murder.

The other two victims are at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center where they were admitted in critical condition.

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