Almost 150 arrests reported on South Beach over weekend

42 felonies on Friday with multiple guns, drugs and cash confiscated by police

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Spring break was in full swing on South Beach as revelers were out Sunday for another night of partying as police kept a watchful eye on crowds.

Throughout the weekend, law enforcement from multiple agencies were spread out across the area following a wild night on Friday. Almost 120 people were arrested Friday, 42 of them for felonies with multiple guns, drugs and cash confiscated by police.

Street after street of groups got out of control and led to confrontations with police who, at one point, used pepper balls to break things up. At 8th and Ocean Drive, two officers ended up injured.

“The crowd ended up turning on those officers,” said Ernesto Rodriguez of Miami Beach Police.

Police said crowds were much calmer Saturday when the day ended with a total of 30 arrests.

On Sunday, there had been no major events and the weekend could very well end on a positive note on South Beach.

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