Woman drugged and raped in Miami Beach had warned of dangers in Facebook post

24-year-old from Pennsylvania found dead in hotel room

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Two Miami Beach spring break visitors remain behind bars without bond after police say they drugged and raped a woman who later was found dead.

Dorian Taylor, 24, and Evoire Collier, 21, both of North Carolina, were spotted on surveillance video accompanying 24-year-old Christine Englehardt into the Albion Hotel on Thursday night, then leaving 40 minutes later, authorities say.

Englehardt, who was visiting from Pennsylvania, was later found partially clothed and dead inside her room at the hotel.

Many are now commenting on a Facebook post from Englehardt in 2019 warning about predators.

She wrote: “So if you ever feel unsafe in any way or have a feeling something isn’t right ... always go with your gut. ... This is a dangerous world now unfortunately and you never know what anyone’s true intentions are.”

Englehardt’s friend, Hailey Davis, laments a promising life cut short.

“She had her whole life still to do things and she had dreams and goals and all these things she’ll never be able to do now because of them,” Davis said.

Englehardt allegedly met Taylor and Collier at a restaurant, where investigators say they gave her a pill before heading back to the hotel.

Authorities say the men had sex with her multiple times, including once when she was unconscious.

Police say video then shows Taylor and Collier using the victim’s credit card to buy alcohol at a local liquor store.

If it is found that the pill allegedly given to Englehardt caused her death, Taylor and Collier could face manslaughter or murder charges.

“We’re going to do everything we can to make sure that if there’s any type of connection between that situation and her death, that we go ahead and we support a full prosecution of the law,” said Miami Beach Police Chief Rick Clements.

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