High-speed hijinks on Miramar Parkway have residents ‘traumatized’

Tesla rammed into a home this weekend along dangerous stretch of county road

Local 10 News spoke to residents along a stretch of county road between Southwest 65th Avenue and Southwest 67th Avenue, and they're seeing a number of high-impact crashes like the Tesla that barreled into a home this weekend.

MIRAMAR, Fla. – A home surveillance system caught the driver of a Tesla losing control around 4 a.m. Saturday and bolting across the front yards of homes along Miramar Parkway.

Possibly traveling over 100 mph in a 25-mph zone, the Tesla slammed into several trees, cars, and even punctured a hole in a home.

Now, Local 10 News is hearing from other residents along this stretch of county road between Southwest 65th Avenue and Southwest 67th Avenue, who say high-impact crashes like that one have also affected them.

Roberto Cepeda showed us cellphone video of the damage to his Jeep and house after a driver crashed into his property a week ago. It was the second time that happened in just a month.

“We are traumatized,” he said. “If it was not for the Jeep, the car would have entered into our bedroom.”

Mariah Reimer lives next door and says she’s witnessed three accidents.

“I can’t even have my kids come outside with me when I check the mail because of the accidents that happen,” she said. “I am terrified for their life.”

She captured on video a recent overnight crash that damaged her car

“And then not within 24 hours someone took out the entire guardrail,” she said. “There’s a problem.”

Home surveillance cameras captured the moment the Tesla started on the destructive path.

Police are also concerned. In the past year, there have been 20 crashes along this short stretch of county road — five in just the past 12 days.

And while the county has invested in lights and signs to warn drivers to slow down, neighbors say it is obvious to them that more needs to be done.

“Even if they have to put a red light in here ... if it’s all about safety, then why not do something about it?” Reimer said.

Broward County says that in light of recent events they will be revisiting their traffic studies and mitigation efforts. We also spoke with the City of Miramar, which said it will be working with the county on the matter.


“The traffic issues in that area of Historic Miramar go back several years and have not gone unnoticed. Since this is a county right of way, City representatives have had ongoing communication with Broward County to come up with solutions. Over the years, Broward County in collaboration with the City, has completed the following safety improvements:

  • Installed 25 MPH pavement messages (2016)
  • Installed Textured pavement (2016)
  • Installed radar feedback signs (2016)
  • Installed additional guardrails (2019 - 2020)
  • Installed internally illuminated RPMs (2016)
  • Modified road curbing from flat valley gutter to a raised F-curb (2019-2020)

“At this time, communications continue with the County as they evaluate this segment of Miramar Parkway for potential additional safety measures.”

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