Locals gather in Wynwood to speak out about Middle East conflict

A large group of pro-Palestine demonstrators gathered in Wynwood calling for leaders to do something about the conflict in the Middle East.

MIAMI, Fla. – Demonstrators carrying signs were out in force to show their solidarity with who they said were their brothers and sisters in Palestine.

It was a huge turnout in Wynwood as people gathered Sunday about the ongoing catastrophe in the Middle East. They were protesting over the recent week of assaults on Palestinians and air strikes in Gaza.

Those in attendance said the recent events in Jerusalem have gotten out of hand with increased violence such as airstrikes, bombings and even lynching.

What the protesters were calling for was an end to Muslim hate and they said they want United States leaders to step up and intervene in the crisis.

Many of the signs the demonstrators carried called for peace and an end to hate.

There were also many people waving flags and chanting that Palestinians “deserve better.”

“Israel is enforcing a system of Jewish supremacy in the Holy Land and we would like to see the land shared by all folks of all faith,” Ahmad Abuznaid, who was part of the group, said.

“As a Palestinian, a lot of times you feel very alone. A friend of mine just messaged me to say he lost 21 members of his family to one of the airstrikes in Gaza. I want him to feel us. I want his family back home to feel us. We are not going to stop until we get justice,” Abuznaid said.

The organizers of Sunday’s vigil said they had plans to take their demonstrations on the road with stops in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton.

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