Brickell apartment rape suspect tells judge that victim is lying about incident

Victim recounts man following her from elevator, pushing her into apartment, beating her and attempting to rape her

A 23-year-old man suspected of attempted rape at a Brickell apartment building appears in court and he wants to tell his side of the story.

MIAMI, Fla. – Police have arrested the man they believe followed a woman into an elevator in Brickell, then tried to rape after forcing his way in to her apartment, but when he appeared in court Friday, he told a judge he wanted to tell his side of the story.

Miami police arrested Diontae Blackman, 23, of Miami, in Northwest Miami-Dade on Thursday. On Friday, he appeared in front of judge to face multiple charges.

He told the judge that the victim is lying and that he did not attempt to sexually assault her.

Police released surveillance video Wednesday showing the victim getting into the elevator with a man who is looking at his cellphone. The victim didn’t think twice about being on the elevator with a stranger, something she does every day, she told Local 10 News by telephone.

It happened in the 1000 block of Southeast First Avenue on Tuesday around 6:50 p.m., according to police.

The victim told police that the man, later identified as Blackman, followed her to her apartment after the two were in the same elevator. She said she had never seen him before.

As she was opening the door to her apartment, she said Blackman pushed her inside and began to beat her. She told police that he struck her several times with a metal rod he had concealed in his shorts.

The victim said that during the attack, he demanded oral sex and threatened to stab her in the neck if she didn’t comply. She asked Blackman numerous times to stop and he slapped her multiple times, she said.

The victim said he then he demanded that she go to the bedroom and while in the bedroom, he ordered her to take of her shirt and attempted to force her onto the bed. She resisted and the two struggled, according to police.

She was pushed to the ground, she said, and grabbed by the neck. At some point during the struggle, she told police, she was able to take hold of a metal bowl and that’s when the defendant left the bedroom.

The woman said the ordeal went on for about 40 minutes.

The victim, who spoke with Local 10 News via telephone as police were searching for the suspect, said that she locked the bedroom door after getting away from her attacker, then went out onto her balcony and screamed for help.

Surveillance video also shows the same person who was in the elevator with the victim earlier coming out of the elevator and walking out onto the street.

“I’m doing good,” Blackman told a Broward County Court judge Friday, while handcuffed and wearing a green jumpsuit and mask. “I’m ready to get this over with and tell my side of the story.”

He then tells Judge Alberto Milian: “I did not attempt to try to sexually assault her,” at which point Milian responds: “Sir, I think your attorney is trying to tell you not to speak about the facts of the case.” And then Blackman says this: “... The victim basically lied. She lied on me.”

Blackman is facing multiple charges including attempted sexual battery with threats, armed burglary with assault, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, and kidnapping. He is being held in jail on no bond.

Blackman was also ordered to stay away from the alleged victim and have no contact either directly or indirectly.

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