Animal Welfare Society helps pet owners to afford veterinary care

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – The popularity of pet ownership during the coronavirus pandemic is shining a light on a pitfall. Many didn’t expect that when they lost their jobs they would have to struggle to cover the cost of veterinary care.

The Animal Welfare Society of South Florida has been helping pet owners since 1972. Most recently, Tiffany Acevedo and her family couldn’t afford to help save Thor, their 6-year-old pit bull, after he developed an abdominal obstruction.

“He is my baby ... he is a part of the family,” Acevedo said.

The Animal Welfare Society gave them and thousands of other pet owners hope this year with the pet retention and compassionate care programs. Thor was able to get surgery and he is back to playing around with the family he loves.

“They literally saved his life and my heart at the same time,” Acevedo said.

For more information about how to help the non-profit organization to continue to help pet owners like Acevedo, visit this page or call 305-858-3501.

About the Author:

Louis Aguirre is an Emmy-award winning journalist who anchors weekday newscasts and serves as WPLG Local 10’s Environmental Advocate.