SUV struck by lightning on I-75 in west Broward County

A blue Nissan Rogue was hit by lightning Monday while traveling west on Interstate 75 at the Mile Marker 30 post in west Broward County.

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – A blue 2018 Nissan Rogue was struck by lightning Monday afternoon while traveling west on Interstate 75 in west Broward County, authorities confirmed.

The incident occurred at the Mile Marker 30 post. The driver was not injured.

According to Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Yanko Reyes, the SUV’s antenna located above the trunk was struck by lightning.

“The electrical impulse from the lightning damaged the electrical system of the vehicle and it discharged on the ground just beneath the vehicle where it created a 7-foot (gouge) in the asphalt of the right lane,” Reyes told Local 10 News in an email.

According to Reyes, the SUV came to a stop a half-mile north of where the lightning strike occurred.

“I saw a light and … I don’t know what happened,” the SUV’s driver Ernesto Delhonte told Local 10 News. “Wow, what is this? But I survived. I am alive. It’s a miracle for me.”

No lanes are blocked at this time.

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