#SOSCuba: Local celebrities, artists react to Cuban protests

Cuban rally outside Cafe Versailles in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. (WPLG)

From Little Havana in Miami all the way to Times Square in New York City, satellite protests in support of the unprecedented protests in Cuba that began in Havana, Sunday, are inspiring thousands — from locals to public figures alike.

On Sunday, thousands of Cubans took to the streets of Cuba from Havana to Santiago, frustrated by months of crisis, pandemic restrictions, food shortages, and, most of all, demanding freedom.

Below, check out the reactions that continue to pour in from Latin American artists and local celebrities whose hearts are in Havana.

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello, who was born in Havana, Cuba, posted a black square with the text, “#SOSCUBA” followed by the emoji of the Cuban flag. In the caption, she wrote, “Hey guys, there is a major crisis right now in Cuba and we need your help to spread awareness. Deaths from COVID are rising rapidly and because of the lack of medicine, resources, basic necessities and even, food many people are dying.Right now, there are simultaneous protests in more than 5 cities in Cuba. Our brave people took the streets to protest for this humanitarian crisis and the people of Cuba need our help urgently. Please spread this message by posting #SOSCUBA to your feed to help bring awareness and support to my people 🙏🏼 #SOSCuba #PatriaYVidaCuba.”

Enrique Santos

Enrique Santos, who is president, COO, and a radio host of iHeartLatino, attended the satellite protest and march outside of Versailles Cuban Restaurant in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood on Sunday. He captioned his post, “🆘🇨🇺 #soscuba #patriayvida @tu949fm” and captioned another post, “Los Latinos UNIDOS POR CUBA 🆘🇨🇺 #cuba #venezuela #nicaragua #soscuba @tu949fm.”

Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan, a proud Cuban-American from Miami who was moved by the videos coming straight from those protesting in Havana, Cuba, posted a video from Cuba and captioned the post, “🎶 Quiero mi 🇨🇺 Cuba libre! 🎶 El pueblo Cubano está desesperado! Estoy con ellos como siempre he estado! The Cuban people are reaching their breaking point! I stand with them as I always have! #SOSCuba.”

Willy Chirino

Willy Chirino, the Cuban-born, Cuban-American musician who’s called Miami home for decades, took to his Instagram to address his followers directly in support of the protests. He captioned his video, “Viva Cuba Libre! Abajo la dictadura!”

Los Pichy Boys

The popular video creators took to Instagram and posted, “Todos los que amamos Cuba hemos perdido el sueño esta noche !! Mañana será un gran día !! Los cubanos siguen puestos y no van a Parar !! Abajo La Dictadura!!! #soscuba #cuba #abajoladictaduracubana.”


The one and only “Mr. Worldwide” (formally known as “Mr. 305″) has historically been outspoken against the regime in Cuba, and has numerous songs in support of Cuban freedom. On Monday, the Cuban artist took to Instagram with a powerful image of himself wearing a robe with the design of the Cuban flag printed on it. He captioned the photo, “Freedom is everything. We support the Cuban people in their fight for freedom in Cuba. Libertad, Ya viene llegando. #SOSCUBA.”

Lele Pons

Lele Pons, a content creator who grew up in Miami, took to her story on Instagram to post in Spanish, “Cuba is in my thoughts” alongside an image that says, “Urgent humanitarian intervention #SOSCUBA.” She also shared a post by Enrique Santos.

A story on Lele Pons' Instagram. (Courtesy of @lelepons)