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Porch pirate scared off after residents yell through doorbell camera in Miramar

A Miramar resident scares off a porch pirate after yelling through his doorbell camera.
A Miramar resident scares off a porch pirate after yelling through his doorbell camera.

MIRAMAR, Fla. – A Miramar resident said he and his wife were watching television when they heard a commotion.

What they saw through their doorbell app on their phone was a thief in the midst of grabbing a package that was delivered to their front porch.

“Hey! That’s my package,” you can hear the homeowner yelling through the camera. That’s when the porch pirate drops the goods and takes off.

“My wife and I were watching TV, our dog starts barking and we look in our phones and we start yelling at the guy through the device and he dropped the box and started running,” said Javier Ortiz.

The whole scenario lasts only several seconds and even though the thief didn’t get away with the package, it is still cause for arrest. The attempt is considered second degree petit theft.

A second piece of surveillance video from a neighbor revealed another clue.

Ortiz said the would-be thief followed the Amazon driver. “They waited for the driver to leave, then came and we saw them on camera,” Ortiz said.

The homeowner said had the thief gotten away with the package, he would have most likely been in for a big surprise.

“You know what’s funny? What they stole was Purina cat food . . . they were probably gonna be really surprised when they open the box,” Ortiz said.

The search is still on for suspect who was seen running westbound along Southwest 37th Street towards 62nd Avenue.

Police said they believe that the suspect is in his late teens and are urging anyone with information to call Miramar police at (954) 764-4357 or Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-8477 (TIPS).

About the Authors:

Terrell Forney joined Local 10 News in October 2005 as a general assignment reporter. He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, but a desire to escape the harsh winters of the north brought him to South Florida.

Michelle F. Solomon is the podcast producer/reporter/host of Local 10's original, true crime podcast The Florida Files and a digital journalist for Local 10.com.