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RV parked on Deerfield Beach for 2+ years removed by city

A recreational vehicle that has been parked on Deerfield Beach for more than two years was removed Wednesday.
A recreational vehicle that has been parked on Deerfield Beach for more than two years was removed Wednesday.

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – A seaside eyesore was removed from the sand in Deerfield Beach Wednesday after it has been parked there for more than two years.

The RV that was parked near the Deerfield Beach pier was covered with graffiti and at times was surrounded by trash, according to residents.

While some sympathize with the person who owns the RV and lives inside, others say it’s an eyesore and has been there for more than two years already.

“It was certainly an annoyance, it was an eyesore,” Deerfield Beach resident Linda Walker said. “I felt bad for the dogs. She had two to three dogs that were kept in crates with awnings over them, so I felt bad for the dogs. And then hurricanes coming and stuff like that, you’re always worried about the mess it would make after that.”

Since Day 1, residents said they have been calling on the city to remove the RV, and on Wednesday morning, they were finally heard.

“I feel for her, but it was time for her to leave,” resident Ted Tudela said.

Local 10′s cameras were rolling as large crowds watched as crews worked to remove the RV. They were faced with some challenges along the way as some of the tires sank into the sand.

But thanks to heavy machinery that was used, the motor home was successfully hauled away.

“Yay, goodbye,” Walker said.

“We are sorry to see her go, but it is an eyesore,” another resident, Brad Bargman, added.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened on Deerfield Beach.

Back in 2014, Local 10 News reported on a large airstream mobile home that was parked in the middle of the sand, frustrating residents.

The city of Deerfield Beach sent Local 10 News a statement saying it reached a settlement with the property owner to buy the parcel of land.

“This is a story that goes back two years, and much of it has played out in the press. What occurred today was the result of a settlement between the property owner and the City,” the city’s statement read. “The City finalized the purchase of the property yesterday. The City paid $485,000 for both parcels. The owner initially listed the property for more than $1M.

“The City of Deerfield Beach is glad to bring this situation to a resolution,” the statement continued. “The RV was successfully removed from the property this morning. Residents and visitors will be able to enjoy that beachfront property for a long time to come.”

About the Author:

Joseph Ojo joined Local 10 in April 2021. Born and raised in New York City, he previously worked in Buffalo, North Dakota, Fort Myers and Baltimore.