Bald eagle cam goes live: Couple starts to build nest in Miami-Dade

ZooMiami's Ron Magill shared this video with a fictional voice over of a couple of Bald Eagles building their nest as they prepare to grow their family.

MIAMI – Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill is excited. He said one of the few eagle nest cams in the world is in Miami-Dade County.

The wildlife expert wants everyone to observe the behaviors that lead up to the actual construction of the nest, the laying of eggs, and the rearing of chicks.

“It is truly an intimate look into an amazing world that few have ever had the opportunity to see in real-time,” Magill wrote. “It is a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages, especially children, to be able to appreciate the beauty, wonders, and challenges of nature.”

ZooMiami and Wildlife Rescue of Dade County launched the live cam with the help of Modern Day Tech Solutions as part of an effort to inspire future generations of Floridians to protect the bald eagle.

“The adult pair has just recently begun the process of building their nest,” Magill wrote.

If these birds produce an egg, Magill expects it will be some time at the end of November and the beginning of December.

“As we get closer to that time frame, the pair will be seen on the nest more frequently,” Magill wrote, adding he is wishing “these majestic eagles the very best of luck in their efforts to raise a family!”


Facts about bald eagles

  • The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission estimates there are about 1,500 nesting pairs in the state
  • The bald eagle is protected under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
  • Males are about 2.5 feet long, have a wingspan of 7-10 feet, and weigh upwards of 10 pounds, according to the National Audubon Society.

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