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New video disputes family’s claim that Miami police didn’t do enough to save man

In September, the Castaneda family accused police officers of not doing enough, and demanded answers as to why their loved one was put in handcuffs after being shot, saying he was the victim. However, police body camera video says otherwise.

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – New police body camera footage disputes a family’s claims that Miami police officers didn’t do enough to save their father after he was shot outside of his store in Little Havana.

The Castaneda family accused police officers of not doing enough last month to save 64-year-old William Castaneda, and demanded answers as to why, they say, their loved one was put in handcuffs after being shot.

“The officers could have saved my dad at that time,” says the victim’s son. “It is hard to see his last minutes in that situation.”

“There was no reason to wrench his arm out from under him and then to sit on his back,” said Castaneda family attorney Joe Tesmond.

However, newly released police body camera video obtained by Local 10 News says otherwise, and shows exactly how it all played out.

Watch the full bodycam video below:

Newly released police bodycam video shows the police response to a shooting at a Little Havana Boost Mobile store. Miami police say it shows they followed protocol despite family of the victim saying they could have done more to save his life.

“It is safe to say that these officers did follow protocol, and they made every attempt to preserve human life,” says Kiara Delva of Miami Police.

This same sentiment is made apparent in the newly released body camera footage.

Castaneda was the owner of a Boost Mobile shop that had been ambushed, and he was shot and robbed while attempting to leave his Little Havana store.

As an officer put his hands behind Castaneda’s back, because he was armed, the crowd yelled, “He’s the victim, not a suspect!”

The video never shows a handcuff going on the victim.

The gun is then seen being thrown toward another officer, as the officer wearing the body camera races to save the victim’s life — even opening up a medical kit.

Then, we see the officer sealing the wound, and at one point performing CPR. Then, this same officer takes the victim’s pulse.

Miami Fire Rescue arrives two minutes after being dispatched.

“I put a hydro seal and I gave him CPR,” says the officer in the footage. “I gotta pulse and he’s responsive again.”

Now, police want the community to take a close look at the body camera footage.

Tesmond, the family’s attorney, admits he still hasn’t seen the body camera video, saying his request was denied.

“I haven’t seen this body camera video, but what I have been provided from people in the neighborhood, I would love to review that and that may change my position,” he says. “But what I was given by the family ― the city didn’t provide anything.”

He goes on to say, “I’m not aware of any CPR. I’m not aware of anyone doing anything as far as lifesaving measures.”

However, it turns out that is exactly what did occur, according to the footage.

Local 10 News obtained the video through a public record request followed up by a call made by our attorney.

The suspect who fatally shot Castaneda has not been caught.

About the Author:

Jeff Weinsier joined Local 10 News in September 1994. He is currently an investigative reporter for Local 10. He is also responsible for the very popular Dirty Dining segments.