Knaus Berry Farm is open for the season, and yes, there are cinnamon rolls

The line will be worth it, dough

We're sorry for how delicious this looks. Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon rolls are back. Photo: Searching for Cinnamon on Instagram. (Courtesy of Instagram @searchingforcinnamon)

HOMESTEAD, Fla. – We’re rolling with joy — it is officially cinnamon roll season at Homestead’s very own Knaus Berry Farm.

On Tuesday, the popular bakery and farm reopened for its 65th season, and their team has already begun planting strawberry plants and warming up their ovens as they anticipate another busy season on the farm.

Since 1959, Knaus Berry Farm has delighted South Florida at the same Homestead location with its bountiful strawberry fields, assorted baked goods, vegetables, ice cream, shakes, and, you guessed it, world-famous cinnamon rolls.

Although the farm is closed during the summer months, it reopens every November through mid-April during the Redland farming season of Miami-Dade County.

Fortunately, this year, fans were in for a sticky treat about a week earlier than anticipated, just in time for Halloween weekend.

The farm, located at 15980 S.W. 248th Street in Homestead, usually has die-hard fans of their cinnamon rolls lined up for hours outside of the farm’s bakery (pro tip: lines start around 8:30 a.m.), but no one is complaining — they’re that good.

Founded in 1956 by brothers Russell and Ray Knaus, Knaus Berry Farm began as a strawberry farm and became known for its famous strawberry milkshake. While it’s still a fully-functioning strawberry and produce farm, the cinnamon rolls are why South Floridians and tourists alike wait up to three hours in line in the sun for the delicious rolls.

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